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    SINCE 2005,

    Our organisation has been able to help more than 10,000 students develop and improve their Mandarin language proficiency and communication skills in Singapore and China.


    With an average of 1000 hours in teaching Mandarin as a second or international language, our teachers are professionally trained and bilingual in which most of them holds a Master or tertiary degree.


    Our Chinese language course materials and lesson curriculum are sourced directly from Hanban, which is a Public institution affiliated with China’s Ministry of Education.


    Our teaching standard is in line with the HSK, IB Chinese, and European CEFR standards. We strive to spread our passion in the Chinese language with others.


    Our Chinese courses are eligible for SSG SkillsFuture Credit. Our Native Mandarin Teachers used Accredited syllabus from Hanban China – affiliated to China’s Ministry of Education. Hanban’s mission is to promote the use of Chinese language outside China. Apply for your SkillsFuture Credit Eligible Course  Now !

    Chinese Language Course | Learn Mandarin in Singapore

    Our Chinese courses are Eligible for SkillsFuture Credits.


    Chinese Edge was created to provide high-quality Mandarin classes in Singapore. Our pool of skilled Chinese teachers are native speakers and highly qualified; with most being a Master or Degree holder. Our teachers have an average of 1000 hours in teaching this incredible language to both adults and children; a testament to their dedication and extensive experience. And equally as important, they are also bilingual which allows them to teach effectively in a multicultural city that is Singapore.

    When it comes to Chinese lessons, we believe that there are no excuses for anything but the highest standard of resources. Our materials are mostly from Hanban, a public institution affiliated with China’s Ministry of Education. We provide various classes to improve proficiency levels of the language and meet the learning demands of both foreign and local learners in Singapore.

    Our Chinese tuition services have helped over 10,000 students to improve their Chinese since 2005

    Chinese Trial Class

    To help students experience learning Chinese, we offer Chinese Language Trial class to anyone who is keen to learn Mandarin

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    Venue: 137 Cecil Street level 7, Hengda Building, Singapore 069537

    Duration 60mins

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    Janet Hardy

    I’m frequently travelling around Asia, which makes it hard for me to commit to any regular lessons. Chinese Edge has sent Ms. Luo to my office to teach me. Their flexible scheduling lets me take lessons anytime I like. Furthermore, my teacher tailors the lessons to my working requirements. I’m happy to greet my Chinese colleagues and learn funny slangs.

    Richard Paterson

    When I was looking for a job in Singapore, I had more free time to explore to Chinese learning with an intensive schedule. Chinese edge trainers Judy and Claire customized the lessons to my day-to-day needs as well as helped me to learn the language for an interview. My interviewer was so surprised to find me speaking some simple Chinese with a bit accent. Then I got the job offer and will start my work soon. I will surely come back to Chinese learning when I have my next holiday. But no worries, Judy laoshi, I will be frequently travelling to China and practice my Chinese there. Xie xie Chinese Edge!

    Anne MacKaye

    My Chinese teacher comes to my house for lessons twice a week, and I found myself improving a lot and start to speak Mandarin to my Chinese friends. Thank you Chinese Edge.

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